Elvis Mujic is touring the country collecting new underwear and socks for the homeless while spreading smiles.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Elvis Mujic tours to different homeless shelters around the country to make people smile, not only through his jokes but through the community’s donations.

“There is such a level of depression,” Mujic said. “If I can see a little bit ease off of somebody, it’s a success to me.”

To keep himself afloat on his tour, he has various shows set up around Jacksonville. At each show, Mujic has a cover charge of socks and underwear that he hands back out to the homeless before his tour leaves. Mujic says he’s motivated by the smiles he spreads to those who may have hit rock bottom.

“It gave me more of a purpose,” Mujic said.

During the tour, Mujic is homeless himself. He’s living out of a minivan and has a gym membership to give him access to showers. He says seeing the impact this has had makes it all worth it.