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Elvis Mujic is a Bosnian stand-up comedian who currently resides in Los Angeles. Originally from Detroit, Elvis began his career in comedy in a café shop that serves as a church on the weekends.

Before he found his desire in Comedy, Elvis studied Philosophy at Amherst College. Realizing school isn’t what he wants to spend his time doing, he dropped out. Elvis decided he needed to get away and spent five months hiking in the Appalachian Mountains. After 2,200 miles, his life was not the same. During his venture, Elvis had caught Lyme Disease. For two weeks his jaw was locked and suffered through intense leg pain.  After tons of medication, Elvis was finally treated from the disease.

In 2012, Elvis entered a café in Detroit that changed his life. The café was holding an open mic night and he fell in love. At the age of 23, all it took was 20 minutes into first set and he knew this is what he wanted to do. Inspired by known comedian Dave Chappelle, Elvis purchased a van and drove from Detroit to San Francisco. According to Chappelle, San Francisco is his favorite and best place for comedy. Although San Francisco was an enjoyable experience, Elvis encountered a problem. His minivan, where he lived in, was broken into. All his material had been stolen, but that didn’t stop Elvis from continuing his passion.

Elvis enjoys making people smile and laugh. In-between his skits, he feels comfort when he looks into the audience and the crowd laughs at his jokes. What he loves most about comedy is the fact that he gets to question social norms. In most places, like work or school, he can’t be open without offending people. He believes that a lot of things are suppressed, where in stand-up you can say anything you want. To Elvis, stand-up comedy is a language of its own. It’s a way to get out information that is blocked in some ways. Whatever is funny is true, you can’t help but laugh. There is a version of truth in every joke. What drew Elvis into comedy was the ability to unite individuals, and the instant feeling of acceptance from the audience. Through his humor, he brings a burst of energy to the crowd.

Eventually Elvis started performing to the same people and at the same place. He felt he needed to progress in his career and start a fan base. He wandered the US for new audience. Between 2012 – 2016, Elvis performed in 47 states. He would show up at restaurants, bars and cafes to share his talent with others. Elvis’s favorite city to perform is in New Orleans. He says it reminds him of Europe, due to the culture and friendly environment.

Although Elvis didn’t like social media because he felt the images being shared weren’t true, he has had a change of heart. He understood social media is a wonderful way to share his talent with individuals from all around.  You can follow Elvis and his comedy journey on Instagram @elviscommedy.

Elvis’s aspiration is to become a director. Living with more purpose than most, he wants to have his own orphanage. He believes in a higher power and helping those in need.


March 25, 2018 Tour Date 01 Van Nuys Van Nuys Comedy Club 
March 28, 2018 Tour Date 02 Los Angeles, CA The Comedy Store 


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